Bedcore Trippin'

My album Parallel Lines Converge is out now on the deeply fab Alien Jams label.

You can have a listen and buy a copy here

november drawings, click through

Dave Brubeck RIP today and by coincidence my friend sent me this video of us listening to his music in 2002.
With DJ Skyfish and Frederick Brummer 

German reviews

Reviews of Re Animator volume I from the German press:

Edmund is a nerd, who merked off Sun-Ra on Mixcloud bastards.  And now he’s back with some mad equipment, cardboard drums and looping farts, to make bad ass tracks on his own.  This is going to offend your ears and make them feel bad.  This shit talk to all the mentalists is the underground; minimal, farty, spaced out and suitable for a beer drinking party bitches.

Bedcore loves finally, called OMMM done under the pseudonym House Securities silt Casiotone paragraph Edmund Davy him: not only bed, for those who prefer to leave, their much more dangerous for the public people with music. After a long silence, be back soon, and the first volume is available in both re-animator of tape or digital form, he is to report, was published. 24 tracks spread her musical vision is a 50-minute Davie Bedcores more impressive. Contains a synth line that stimulate and lo-fi beats rough crack, how difficult this is. Do not imitate something necessarily for the faint of heart, Volume 1 is part Merz tours, remember the density of the sound of this thing hitting the Japanese star Merzbow cult accident eventually re-animator. Davey, celebrate the big version of his apartment - I think my voice and it. Album seems to be created as a hangover winter morning in fact - is not only worth getting out of bed, if anything, it can be described redundancy, barbed that, the situation better. Pure apathy. It should be also included!

I made a bunch of edits of Sun Ra tracks, then assembled them into a far out DJ mix, with a ton of avant garde electronics taking us even further out.

The mix is one hour long.

I am oMMM aka DJ Negative Skills.

Forgetful Angel

Forgetful Angel

Here’s the video for _sx from my album _0db released on Pighole

The video was directed by Mundi

Ninja turtle

Ninja turtle

DJ Negative Skills has his own page

I’ve opened a new Soundcloud for DJ Negative Skills edits.

All sampled material, jazz parody and music collage. 

Last oMMM gig

Last night the last gig by oMMM took place at Made of Squares at Catch 22.

From now on oMMM will be a bedroom-studio-based recording project.

Thanks to Michael Forrest, Beatmasta Bill and all who came.

Fuck that, I’m going to do more gigs.